Turbo Kit Comparison – HKS GTIII RS, Blitz & SME

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– Power Output: The HKS GTIII RS turbo kit is known for providing a significant power boost. It typically adds around 100-150 horsepower to the stock engine, bringing the total output to approximately 300-350 hp.
– Turbo Characteristics: This kit features a twin-scroll turbocharger, which helps reduce turbo lag and provides a more linear power delivery.

Build Quality:
– Components: HKS is known for high-quality components, including stainless steel exhaust manifolds, a front-mount intercooler, and a high-capacity air intake system.
– Durability: The materials and engineering of the HKS kit ensure long-term durability and reliability.

– Engine Safety: The kit includes a reliable tuning solution with a pre-programmed ECU, which helps maintain engine safety and longevity.
– Cooling: The intercooler and other cooling enhancements help prevent overheating, a common issue with turbocharged engines.

Ease of Installation:
– Fitment: The kit is designed specifically for the Toyota 86/BRZ, ensuring a straightforward installation process.
– Instructions: HKS provides detailed installation instructions, which makes the process easier for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

Value for Money:
– Cost: The HKS kit is on the higher end of the price spectrum but justifies its cost with quality and performance.
– Performance Gain: The power and reliability gains make it a worthwhile investment for serious enthusiasts.

Blitz Turbo Kit

– Power Output: The Blitz turbo kit provides a boost of about 90-130 horsepower, resulting in a total output of approximately 290-340 hp.
– Turbo Characteristics: Blitz kits are known for their balanced performance, with a turbocharger that minimises lag and provides smooth power delivery.

Build Quality:
– Components: Blitz offers high-quality components, including durable manifolds, a well-sized intercooler, and a robust intake system.
– Durability: The materials and construction of Blitz components are top-notch, ensuring long-term reliability.

– Engine Safety: Blitz kits include a reliable tuning solution that helps protect the engine and optimise performance.
– Cooling: The intercooler and cooling systems are designed to handle the increased heat generated by the turbocharger.

Ease of Installation:
– Fitment: The Blitz kit is designed for easy installation on the Toyota 86/BRZ, with a precise fit and minimal modifications required.
– Instructions: Blitz provides clear and detailed installation instructions, making the process easier for installers.

Value for Money:
– Cost: The Blitz kit is priced similarly to HKS, reflecting its high-quality components and performance.
– Performance Gain: The performance improvements are substantial, making it a good investment for enthusiasts seeking a balance between power and reliability.

SME Turbo Kit

– Power Output: The SME turbo kit generally adds around 80-120 horsepower, bringing the total to approximately 274.91 hp.
– Turbo Characteristics: This kit usually features a single-scroll turbocharger, which might result in slightly more turbo lag compared to a twin-scroll setup.

Build Quality:
– Components: SME kits are known for good quality but may not match the premium level of HKS. They include robust components like stainless steel manifolds and a well-designed intercooler.
– Durability:  The components are durable, but may not have the same longevity as those from top-tier brands like HKS.

– Engine Safety: The tuning solutions provided are generally reliable, though they might not offer the same level of precision as HKS.
– Cooling: The intercooler included is effective, but may not be as large or efficient as the one in the HKS kit.

Ease of Installation:
– Fitment: The SME kit is designed to fit the Toyota 86/BRZ but might require more adjustments during installation compared to HKS.
– Instructions: Detailed instructions are usually provided, but they might not be as comprehensive as HKS’s.

Value for Money:
– Cost: The SME kit is typically more affordable than HKS, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.
– Performance Gain: While it offers significant performance improvements, the gains might be slightly less than those provided by the HKS kit.


– HKS GTIII RS Turbo Kit:Best for those seeking maximum power and reliability, with top-tier components and engineering. It’s the most expensive but offers the highest performance gains.
– Blitz Turbo Kit: Offers a balance between performance, quality, and price. It provides significant power gains with high-quality components and reliable tuning solutions.
– SME Turbo Kit: A more budget-friendly option with good performance improvements and reliable components, though not quite as refined as the HKS or Blitz kits.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your budget, performance goals, and preference for brand reputation and support. The HKS kit is ideal for maximum performance, the Blitz kit strikes a good balance between performance and cost, and the SME kit is great for budget-conscious enthusiasts.


*** All kits are engineerable at a cost, ensuring they can be customised to meet specific performance needs and preferences ***


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